Late night TV shows.

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Late night television shows have entertained viewers for decades. There was a time when one man ruled the cable tv late-night time period: Johnny Carson. Carson, a laidback, stylish comedian from Nebraska, hosted NBC’s “Tonight Show” for 30 years. Nowadays, however, the late-night audience is splintered, and a wide array of options is available.

The late night programs on the major networks share similar formats. First a host walks onstage as a house band plays. Next he – all the current late night network hosts are male – delivers a monologue poking fun at newsmakers. Then he sits at his desk and presents a comedic piece, often a taped segment involving humorous interaction with ordinary folks, before interviewing a couple celebrities.

On NBC, Jay Leno now presides over “The Tonight Show.” Leno is a cheerful standup comic with a working-class sensibility – he fixes up old cars in his spare time. After Leno comes “Late Night,” hosted by the impressionist and musical parodist Jimmy Fallon. Over on CBS, longtime TV star David Letterman offers his brand of scintillating wit and cynicism. ABC is the home of prankster Jimmy Kimmel, a playful comedian also possessing regular-guy appeal.

Cable offers plenty of choices as well. Four nights a week Comedy Central airs “The Daily Show,” a brilliant satire of politics and the media hosted by the razor-sharp “fake anchor” Jon Stewart, and “The Colbert Repot,” a sendup of cable news commentators. Chelsea Handler, a comedian with a penchant for insults and for revealing intimate details of her life, hosts a talk show on the E! Channel.

Four times a week on TBS, the absurdist Conan O’Brien hosts a show that’s both wacky and intelligent. O’Brien hosted NBC’s “Late Night” from 1993 to 2009, when he was promoted to the coveted role of “Tonight Show” host. However, his ratings on that show did not quite meet expectations, and NBC had Leno under contract and feared losing him (Leno), and so the network reinstalled Leno as host of “Tonight.” Sometimes, what happens backstage at late night TV programs is more intriguing than what occurs onstage.

Caffeine: Less Is Actually Better For You

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What is caffeine? Caffeine is a flavorless, odorless chemical that effects the body by stimulating the central nervous system. In moderate doses caffeine is generally unharmful and can provide an energizing boost and increased stamina. However, when consumed in large quantities, caffeine can overstimulate the central nervous system, creating a “crash” resulting in weariness and lowered energy. Caffeine also works as a diuretic by increasing urine production; too much can produce undesireable effects on the body by causing over-production of urine. It takes approximately fifteen minutes for one Read the rest of this entry »

Circadian Rhythm Changes In Overnight Shift Workers

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Our bodies are programmed to know when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to be awake. This internal “clock” is what is referred to as circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm signals changes in our bodies that make us realize when it is time for bed, as well as when it’s time to be awake and productive. Granted, it’s more complex than that, but the general idea is that our bodies are designed to perform certain functions at Read the rest of this entry »

Helpful Tips For Someone Who Just Switched To Overnight Work

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Staying healthy while switching to the night shift can be quite challenging, but fortunately, there are things that you can do to make this change a lot easier. You need to make sure that you go to bed as soon as you get home from work. This may be hard sometimes, but you will have an easier time getting adequate amounts of sleep if you to bed as soon as you get home. Errands, chores and other things can wait until later.

You should also encourage your family members to keep Read the rest of this entry »

Shift Work Sleep Disorder And How To Avoid It

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If you work third shift, you may find that you are suffering from shift work sleep disorder without even knowing it. Shift work sleep disorder is identified by insomnia and excessive sleepiness due to working a schedule that is not natural to you. Learning to avoid it takes time and some conscious thought.

One of the keys to beating shift work sleep disorder is maintaining a rigorous sleep schedule. You have to be more diligent about it than you would if you were sleeping in a way that Read the rest of this entry »

Those Quiet Sunrise Moments On The Way Home

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We midnight workers may be out of synch with most of the rest of the world, but we’ve got it made when it comes to early morning driving. When daytime workers are grumpily getting into their cars, travel mug in hand, we’re quietly making our way home to relax. I like to take advantage of this time to set myself up for a good day’s sleep ahead.

Driving with the sunrise calls for calm, relaxing music. You Read the rest of this entry »

When Your Friends Don’t Understand That Daytime Is Sleep Time

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The sun is up, the sky is blue, and your friends want you to come hang out. This would be terrific if you hadn’t just fallen into bed! While many people understand the concept of night shift, and they know you need to sleep, they don’t really get the reality of it.

Explain it to them as clearly as you can. Let them know that they wouldn’t appreciate it if you called them at four A.M. and if they doubt that, offer to call them that night!

Let Read the rest of this entry »